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Feed time duration & operant paradigm

Effect of feed time duration on on discrimination of vocalizations in a go/no-go operant paradigm.



In our Songbird Neuroethology Lab, we often use operant conditioning procedure to study auditory perception i.e. how do birds perceive various vocalizations/sounds? In an operant study, birds are trained to respond to specific vocalizations using food reinforcement i.e. birds discriminate among vocalization categories. In previous studies of our lab, birds used to get 1 sec of food access after correct response (correct option depending on research question). In the current study, I investigated the effect of doubling the feed time duration on discrimination performance.



Zebra finches discriminated female distance calls from male distance calls. We compared discrimination performance of birds who got food acess of 2 sec vs 1 sec.


Food time duration plays crucial role for motivation and animal-wellbeing during an experiment. Understanding it's effect on experimental results will help improving animal walfare.


There was no significant difference in discri per between 2 sec and 1 sec group birds.