About me

Prateek Sahu

Hi ! I am a graduate student at University of Alberta, CA in the Psychology department. I work on auditory perception of songbirds with Dr. Christopher Sturdy at Songbird Neuroethology Lab. I have completed my 5 Year Integrated BS-MS degree from IISER Kolkata, India, in the department of Biological Sciences. I worked on reunification of artificially fragmented Diacamma indicum ant colonies with Dr. Sumana Annagiri at the ant lab. I have worked on sugar elicited search behaviour of Drosophila with Dr. Axel Brockmann at Bee lab, National Center for Biological Sciences, India. My interests include: Photography, origami, digital arts, web development, data scraping & analysis, reading books, and exploring science-fiction. If I am not busy with my research work, I would be working on a side project. Feel free to reach out to me for collaboration or just to chat if any of my projects sticks out.